Home Culture Weird Science: Giant Isopod Pulled From the Sea

Weird Science: Giant Isopod Pulled From the Sea

Weird Science: Giant Isopod Pulled From the Sea

A Giant Isopod measuring 2.5 feet long was found attached to a submarine after it surfaced from exploring the ocean’s depths.

The creature was initially revealed on Reddit when user Gwynzer, who claimed to work for a sub-sea survey company, posted pictures of it.

“Recently this beast came up attached to one of our ROVs,” Gwynzer posted. “Unfortunately, the e-mail that these pictures were attached to came from a contractor, and the ship he was operating from is unknown, so I can’t tell you what part of the Earth this beast was living.”

Some research into the creature revealed that it is a Bathynomus giganteus, or Giant Isopod, which is known for feeding on dead whales and squid. In northern Taiwan, they are commonly eaten at seaside restaurants for their white meat, which is similar to crab or lobster.

Reactions to the sea monster have ranged from fascinated to horrified.

One user from Neuraxis wrote: “Do you realize how much sh*t you’re going to be in once Cthulhu finds out his dog’s missing?”

source: Emily Smith via opposingviews.com


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