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“Sailor Moon” Anime Reboot Gets a Release Date

“Sailor Moon” Anime Reboot Gets a Release Date

The Sailor Moon anime reboot was announced back in 2012, and since then, fans have been waiting eagerly for any news on when to expect the new series. At long last, there’s actual word about when it will be coming, where it can be viewed, and who will be involved in the project.

While the anime was initially to premier this month, it has faced a few delays and was pushed back to July. When it does air, though, it will be available for streaming all over the world, available in ten different languages from Niconico (nicovideo.jp).

Furthermore, we have word on the creative team. It will be directed by Munehisa Sakai, known for his work on One Piece and Suite Precure, as well as Production Advancement on several Dragonball Z movies. Yuji Kobayashi will be overseeing the series, having worked alongside Sakai for Smile Precure and Suite Precure. The two of them, along with the producer, Atsutoshi Umezawa, have had experience with magical girl series, thanks to their work on the Precure series, so this is not an unfamiliar genre to them.

While the original anime occasionally had some pacing issues, due to the anime catching up with the manga, that should not be an issue, seeing as the manga has been over for quite some time now, as has its spinoffs and sequels. There is no shortage on material for the team to work with, so fans are hoping for this to be a faithful and high-quality adaptation of Naoko Takeuchi’s original work.

Although I must wonder if there will be any comment on Pluto no longer being classified as a planet, and what that means for Sailor Pluto. Time will tell, as we still have half a year to learn more about what’s to come. Will Sailor Moon still be fighting evil by moonlight and winning love by daylight? Probably. Will I get hardcore fans jumping at me for referencing the dub theme song? Most likely. Will I be among the many to watch this when it hits Niconico? Considering I missed it back when it was originally airing (I opted for Pokemon instead, and have no regrets) then I think I will.


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