Wednesday, December 7, 2022

Why V for Vendetta was a Bad Thing

“Remember, Remember the Fifth of November

Every year on this day, you will find that phrase burnt out and overused. But here is the problem with this, HAS ANYONE ACTUALLY WATCHED THE MOVIE?!

The whole point of that movie is to point out that it should not be just be a line or a phrase. It is kind of funny how easily how that is forgotten. People grasp the violence, a really cool line, and the fact that V had a tortured past. but what about the message behind that. Was the point of that to go beyond a line? Shouldn’t we do more than just remember the fifth of November?

Should we not be inspired to be the change in the world we want to see?

It is easily noticed how people complain in everyday life about life, work, or the political workings going on around the world. But what do we do about it?

Nothing. And that is the whole point. We should do things. Of course, blowing parliament is a bit extreme. We should not do that. However, we should be trying to shape the world we would want. Instead of just saying a line, we should live it a bit more. Otherwise, the line that is spammed once a day, every year becomes worthless and it seems people only know the movie, but they don’t actually understand.

Now, that does not hurt the story in anyway. V for Vendetta is an amazing film that I watch every time it is on television. And because of it, I am more involved and informed when I vote or when I decide to do anything that may influence my life.

I am not asking the g33k society to go out and quit saying the fifth of November. But come on, too much of any good thing is just the worst thing ever.

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