Wednesday, December 7, 2022

After hours at SacAnime

After Hours for SacAnime was a lot of fun with concerts and dance parties scheduled. Walking around the con, you had plenty of things going on from the hotel lobbys to Kazha, Raj Raymayya, and Nylon Pink playing. SacAnime really had a excellent line up of entertainment for their fans after hours and we at G33k-hq had a lot of fun at the concerts and dances and karaoke!

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Kazha – Kazha is a rock band formed in Los Angeles,in 2010. After their release of the first album “Overture,” they’ve been touring North America, Korea, Japan, and South America- and keep spreading their music to the world. Kazha released second studio album “Evolution” on Sept 7, 2013. The band’s sound incorporates heavy metal and acoustic elements.

Raj Raymayya – After hearing about how he was the one who wrote and sang “Ask DNA” from Cowboy Bebop: The Movie, a few of us from G33k-hq couldn’t wait to see him perform live at SacAnime. He did a full set, and what an amazing show, he rocked it with the bass player (rocking a 5 string bass)! We hope you take the time to go find out more about Raj. He is just getting started here in the states but I’m sure you guys have heard some songs of the songs he has written and sang! Make sure to check out his performance below we were lucky enough to get a song!

Nylon Pink – All the way from LA, these lovely ladies rocked it out starting off with a nice bit of Metallica on guitar. Their energy was amazing, these ladies know how to put on one hell of a show! The bass player was all over the stage and was full of life and energy. They are the only all female Asian-American rock band! The drummer rocked out to Mario on the drums as well as gangnam style.


And for those who couldn’t make it G33k-hq managed to get a video of Raj Ramayya performing his song Bollywood Movie Star!

Ryan Griffeth
Ryan Griffeth
Born & raised in California, lived all over the U.S. G33k since i can remember, brought on board by Jeremiah as the lead designer for G33K-HQ and took off running now Writer / Photographer / Webmaster for G33K-HQ.

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