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Doctor Who Magazine Interview with Steven Moffat

Picture shows: The SilenceMore details about Orla Brady’s character surfaced from an interview with Steven Moffat in Doctor Who Magazine.

Moffat said that the Doctor will meet the Mother Superious of the Papal Mainframe, calling her an old friend from his distant past.

“[The makeup] was a [Bladerunner] reference, actually,” Brady said. Moffat asked the makeup artist for a look that conveyed the idea of “slightly not-quite-human, three-quarters human thing.”

Brady also mentioned having a hard time not breaking character with laughter as she heard the Doctor’s interactions with other characters:

“Not my character. It was Matt’s interaction with a certain other character who I’m trying not to name [laughing]. There were other conversation strands between the Doctor and somebody else that made me laugh out loud. There were a couple of moments between Tasha and the Doctor that made me laugh out loud, but she’s not a particularly funny character …”

Brady also said that the special was “firmly about wrapping up the Doctor’s story.”

Korbl Klimecki
Korbl Klimecki
Korbl is a journalism and culinary student at ARC. His earlier geek memory is boffer fights and renn faires with his dad when he was barely bigger than the boffers. To him, being a geek means an unapologetic love of fiction and intellectual pursuits.

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