Monday, August 15, 2022

Movie: Wonder Woman’s New Costume Description (Rumor)

According to the folks at  JoBlo, an insider from Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice has revealed some details about Wonder Woman’s involvement in the film. JoBlo’s source says Wonder Woman will be “traditional yet sleeker costume” and “Badass.” The insider also said that she will not be in the costume until the “Final Act” where she teams up with Batman, and most scenes of her will be as her secret identity Diana Prince.

Costume Description:

Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice‘s Wonder Woman will be “battle ready” in a blue leather skirt, silver bracers that extend to her elbows, her signature golden tiara (though the red star may not be included), and some form of her standard red bustier top. She is intended to be a true Amazon warrior princess, though the film is said to be ambiguous when it comes to her backstory. As to the warrior angle, Wonder Woman will carry a shield, which she’ll wear on her back as Marvel’s Captain America has been in his movies. She’ll also brandish a sword and spear, as well as her trademark lasso.

JoBlo’s full report




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