Wednesday, December 7, 2022

Super Power Beat Down Does it Again

Power Rangers vs Mortal Kombat. What more could you ask for?

In this Super Power Beat Down, it is the White Ranger vs Scorpion.

Any serialization that takes two super beings and pits them against one another, much like Screw Attack‘s Death Battle, is just a joy. Sure, the victories on “Bat in the Sun” are a little different, with votes instead of actual facts deciding who wins, but it is nonetheless entertaining. Here is nothing there besides fan service and something nice to watch. I could never complain about it. With voice-acting from David Frank, and animations, that make one proud to be a geek or nerd. Anyway, guys enjoy it.

Check out: Bat in the Sun’s YouTube Channel

And go to their website to see things about the future of Super Power Beat Downs. After all, they put in a lot of work in, just to give fans something they want to see. And hey, be sure to vote on the things you like.

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