Tuesday, December 6, 2022

Restored Dark Crystal Movie is NOT so Kid Friendly

The Dark Crystal is a childhood favorite that still captures audiences imagination years after its release. However the version you may have seen as a child is NOT originally what Jim Henson and Frank Oz envisioned. Before the original release the movie was re-dubbed at the request of producers. Evidently it was too confusing and dark for audiences. Fear not, with the tireless efforts of scoodidabop a restored version has been completed and is ready for you to watch. This version removed the narrator, inner monologues, and most of the dialog from the Skeksis who evidently very rarely spoke English.There are some restored additional scenes and musical scores. This version has a much darker and more surreal feel than the original The Dark Crystal. Props to scoodidabop who spent the last two years remastering this cut!




Source: geektyrant.com

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