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Review: Godzilla 2014

Review: Godzilla 2014

This review will contain minor SPOILERS.  


Danny “Dviouz1” DeLuna and myself were able to see an advance screening of the new Godzilla movie and we’re here to give you our impressions on the movie.  If you’re looking for a quick nod whether to see it or not tonight, we both say “go for it!”

This movie takes the subject matter seriously which is cool, this Godzilla is sort of a sci-fi disaster movie as opposed to a straight ‘monster movie’, just like the original 1954 version.  Godzilla is a force of nature not to be controlled, defeated, or contained.  You best bet for survival is to get out of harm’s way.

Aaron-Taylor-Johnson-and-Elizabeth-Olsen-in-Godzilla-2014The movie centers around the extended Brody family that has their first run in with this phenomenon prior to 2000 when Ford Brody (Aaron Taylor-Johnson) is only a child and his family is torn apart by a disaster in Japan.  Fast forward to present day, Ford is an enlisted officer in the military and is married to Elle (Elizabeth Olsen) and has a child of his own.  His estranged father (Bryan Cranston) plays a scientist bent on exposing the cover-up of the prior disaster.   Side note, it’s sort of creepy watching Aaron and Elizabeth as they will be playing brother and sister in the Avengers 2…I couldn’t help but think of that while they had their awkward grab ass scenes together.  Also Cranston with hair is an odd sight.

Like the monster movies of old, Godzilla takes it’s time to really get going, this can be a good thing in building tension, or a bad thing building boredom…Godzilla 2014 was pretty much right in between those two…I did wish it moved along at a better pace at times.godzilla-attacks-golden-gate

When the full on Kaiju fun began, the effects were solid, if a bit forgettable.  Compared to the awesome giant sized battles in Pacific Rim, Godzilla just didn’t deliver enough of those memorable ‘wow” moments.  Don’t get me wrong, there was plenty of building wrecking, people stomping, MUTO on MUTO throw downs to keep us satisfied…we just could have used a little more umph!  bryan-cranston-godzilla

An interesting note, we’re pretty sure that Superman fighting Zod in Man of Steel still caused more damage that all the Kaiju combined in Godzilla 😉

So if you’re looking for Summer fun, go check out Godzilla and tell us what you think!





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