Home Events RiffTrax Launches “Godzilla” Kickstarter

RiffTrax Launches “Godzilla” Kickstarter

RiffTrax Launches “Godzilla” Kickstarter

RiffTrax may be preparing for its upcoming Sharknado live show, but it’s never too late to prepare for the future. It has its sights set on the next film to riff, but can’t do it alone. That’s why RiffTrax has launched a Kickstarter to help its next RiffTrax Live event: Godzilla.


In this case, the RiffTrax crew isn’t after the original Japanese Godzilla, or the remake that’s heading to theaters now, but the 1998 version starring Matthew Broderick. It is widely regarded as a pretty lousy film, which makes it perfect for riffing, and it’s one of the most requested riffs.


This isn’t the first time RiffTrax has taken to Kickstarter to help launch its life shows. Last year, it did the same in order to riff Twilight. Though they met their goals (and then some), the studio was unwilling to give them permission, and instead they went with Starship Troopers. In this case, they know they can get the rights to it, so all they need is the money.


Backers will receive a number of rewards, based on their pledges, including free downloads of RiffTrax shorts, a free download of any full-length RiffTrax MP3, exclusive t-shirts, or for those with thousands of dollars to offer, VIP guest of honor rewards, including front row tickets to the live show and a chance to meet Mike, Kevin, and Bill, the minds behind RiffTrax.


The show is set for August 14th, giving them a few months to raise the money and prepare for the show. The Kickstarter has just launched, and has raised over $20,000 towards its $100,000 goal as of this posting. There’s still a ways to go, but fans of RiffTrax are preparing their wallets and looking forward to it.

UPDATE: The Kickstarter has currently met and exceeded its goals, with $120,000 raised as of this update. There is still plenty of time remaining, though, and people can still pledge and gain the rewards, including many of the high-tier pledges. RiffTrax has promised that all profits from the Kickstarter will go towards making the show a success.


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