Tuesday, December 6, 2022

Stephen King’s ‘IT’ is Headed for a Remake

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Director Cary Fukunaga (HBO’s True Detective) is planning a larger budget remake of Stephen King’s IT.

Producer Dan Lin, spoke to Collider,

“Cary Fukunaga is writing and directing Stephen King’s It for me, and I’m really excited for that.  So I’m hoping that’ll be his next movie after the indie he’s shooting in Africa.  So I love what he did with True Detective.  I think it’s a great sample for Stephen King’s It.  So I’m really excited about that.”

This Fukunaga helmed reboot has been rumored for a few years now, and plans to actually be two full length features, finally seems to be on track to happen, No doubt the success of True Detective is fueling it forward, and the idea of two movies will prevent them from having to chop it up too much.  Click on the pic for the full story.

sources: Geekexchange.com, Collider.com, Stephen King Inc.

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