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The Amazing Spider-Man 2 Review

The Amazing Spider-Man 2 Review

It’s the summer of Marvel. It does not matter what anyone says. With Marvel pumping out excellent movie after excellent movie, ASM2 had its work cut out for it. And it can easily be said, that it did not disappoint.

*Warning! The following Review May Contain Spoilers!*

The audience who reads this has been given a few weekends before it was released to read this so that nothing is too ruined after my thoughts are given.

Alright first off, it must said, this movie did not feel like a Marvel movie. It’s got elements of darkness, much like Nolan’s Dark Knight Trilogy as well feeling more comic booky, which gives for an excellent combination for a movie. It felt like going to a normal movie that just happened to have superheroes in it. That’s something that just gives so much realism that it was far more enjoyable.

The movie had it’s ups and downs like all movies, especially Superhero ones because they have to create a story that is good for the general audience while appeasing to comic fans who are used to a hero being a certain way. That was a bit of the problem with the Toby Maguire films. He was too comic booky and not quite what the audience needed. While those films (excluding SM3) were good, they left something to bee desired.

Here, the movie felt like a whole movie where each character was given a good look with excellent transitions bouncing from one character to the next. And what could really be enjoyed was when the movie flashbacked to events that were happening during the first movie, it was actually scenes from the first movie, not something that was happening at the same time that the audience could not know. This movie really culminated itself very well.

But, I will have it said that the women of this movie really made it perfect. Sally Fields as Aunt May and Emma Stone as Gwen Stacy brought the story to a whole. They showed how desperately Peter needs them while showing how independent they are from him. It was just extraordinarily beautiful. People were being brought to tears by the end to it due to the women.

That along with showing more depth to the Spider-Man made this movie the favored Superhero movie of the summer. It gave a lot of depth while making every character enjoyable. it presented an interesting story for an easy-going movie lover while telling a story that a comic book g33k would love.


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