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The Flash Pilot Episode News!

The Flash Pilot Episode News!

cisco aka the vibe

With The Flash spinning off from Arrow on CW, we can not help but wonder what is in store for the show. Well the folks over at moviehole.net, have found some info on the pilot episode. First off it will began filming in March in Vancouver, and Second big update is the Flash will be accompaniment by Latino hero Cisco Ramon (aka The Vibe) which you may know from the Justice League comics.

Their description for the vibe is: “In his 20s, the cheeky Ramon fought his underprivileged upbringing to become one of the smartest, most talented chaps around; when it comes to mechanical engineering, there’s nobody better. Somewhat of a metahuman, the guy’s main power is his ability to emit powerful vibratory shock waves.”  We can not wait to see how the show turns out!


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