Wednesday, December 7, 2022

BBC Fandoms Unite

It’s been thought of and played with. People unite shows and books and things from culture all of the time. However, rarely does anyone do anything more than speculate, than bring it up in a forum.

Here, right here, right now, someone took the time, worked out of stock footage and stock audio to make an almost six minute long video of the Doctor teaming up with Sherlock. It was extremely well done. Even its special effects, which don’t look spectacular were well done enough with editing and cutting of footage to make this any fanboy’s – or fangirl’s – dream.

Tell us what your thoughts on this would be.

I know, I would just be amazed with this. I would love for it to happen. After all, both are currently a product of Steven Moffat.

He loves his comics, focusing on DC comics. He is majoring to be an engineer and loves all forms of Science Fiction. Fantasy has a special place in his heart.

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