Saturday, December 10, 2022

Day 9 of The 25 Days of G33k X-mas!

Seiki 504k televisions are the new in television technology. All the companies that are making them are over $3,ooo.oo. Until now, I give you today’s G33k gift the Seiki 4k Television (crowds applauding). It comes in 39″ and 50″ screens. Still not convinced? Okay, how about $450 and $699 respectively! That is an amazing deal. Most televisions, that are 1080p, are about that price right now. So to put the resolution in perspective, all HD content right now is max’s out at 1920 x 1080. Hence the term 1080p. This TV has doubled the pixel count with an end result of 3840 x 2160! And it up-converts all formats to that resolution. At the price they are asking it is a steal. So instead of rushing to get some last minute TV sale, just order one now from the comfort of your home. Most likely from a couch while staring at your TV thinking it could be better. You can find them online for a great deal at amazon 3950“.



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image source: Seiki

James Siebrase
James Siebrase
I am a Tech junkie and gaming fanatic. I am always looking for new and increasingly geeky things to discover and explore. I love sharing my passions with everyone I meet.

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