Wednesday, December 7, 2022

ESGN TV Launching “Fight Night” eSports Broadcast Starting January 6

eSports Global Network (ESGN) announced that ESGNTV — its web-based broadcast platform that aims for around the clock content service in 2014 — will be premiering the first installment of “Fight Night,” their first original broadcast series that features well known pro gamers competing on the hottest titles.

Airing on January 6, “Fight Night” is made with eSports fans in mind by the very people that are intimately involved in these events. Dan “Artosis” Stemkoski, who has spent years as a professional  StarCraft player and commentator for GomTV, will not only participate in the event, but also helped in the development of “Fight Night.”

Other eSports competitors and commentators in attendance for the first episode of “Fight Night” include,  Hearthstone professionals Cong “StrifeCro” Shu, Jeffrey “Trump” Shih, and Octavian “Kripparrian” Morosan along with Dan “Artosis” Stemkoski. In upcoming episodes, StarCraft II pro gamers Manuel “Grubby” Schenkhuizen, Jeong “MVP” Jong Hyeon and Lim “NesTea” Jae Duk will appear on “Fight Night” later in January. Future episodes will also feature world-famous  Street Fighter competitors, Sun Woo “Infiltration” Lee (South Korea), Hajime “Tokido” Taniguchi (Japan) and Ryan “gootecks” Gutierrez (Caster).

“ESGN is too good to fail,” said Dan “Artosis” Stemkoski. “The production is amazing, everyone is working very hard, they’ve got great ideas and this is original content. It’s not like everywhere else, these are actually original shows being made and I think it’s going to be fantastic.”

“A great effort has been made for the conditions to be as perfect as possible,” said Manuel “Grubby” Schenkhuizen. “Especially the player treatment and the amazing studio have all been top-notch, it’s very impressive.”

“We are very proud to be launching the first episode of “Fight Night” in January,” said Morgan Stone, ESGNTV Chief Production Officer and former ESPN producer. “It was amazing to have this set of pro gamers come in and support the show. “Fight Night” is a must-watch show for eSports and Hearthstone fans worldwide!”

“Fight Night” runs between 60 to 90 minutes and will be the first eSports show produced with quality and value normally seen with major television channels. The show will be streaming for free to viewers worldwide from the 6000 square foot ESGNTV studio in Babelsberg, Germany, via Twitch, YouTube, AzubuTV and Dailymotion, on

For a sneak peek of the event, a teaser video for this first episode of “Fight Night” will be released exclusively on the ESGNTV YouTube channel shortly before Christmas.

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