Friday, August 19, 2022

How It Did End for Doctor Who Doomsday

If you like How It Should Have Ended and you love Doctor Who, here is something for fans. It gives us everything HISHE while holding true to what Whovians know and love. It shows the hilarity, insanity, seriousness and blatant spoilers! Fans have come to to know hand in hand with the Doctor.

Anyway, here is something to see and enjoy. HISHE brings something new not just focusing on their niche of the world. Seeing as they might be adding the Doctor to be something semi-regular, there is a lot that is now able to happen. LIKE BATMAN ARGUING WITH THE DOCTOR!

And the Fan-Girls squeal everywhere.

He loves his comics, focusing on DC comics. He is majoring to be an engineer and loves all forms of Science Fiction. Fantasy has a special place in his heart.

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