Friday, August 19, 2022

Tommy is Back!


In this world, I find myself thinking that Power Rangers has all been forgotten. Personally, though, I can see why. We have had twenty years of it. And it gets compared to the Sentai.

It makes it really difficult to just enjoy the team that really helped kids grow up in the nineties. back in its day, Power Rangers was loved and adored by children everywhere. But bad story, cheesy toys, and selling out of everything has made it all but unwatchable to even the most die-hard of fans. But after seeing this, I have hope for Power Rangers. I have heard nothing but good things since Saban got control of his baby once more. I can only hope that this Power Ranger war delivers in more ways than one. It’s been twenty years, so here’s a hoping.

It’s good to see old cast members coming back for the fans and offering a service they know will do us proud. I am also glad to see that Jason David Frank is coming back for both fans and because he is excited about the script. This does nothing but give good indicators for what is to come for the Power Rangers.

And to leave you on a good note, TOMMY IS BACK! Green and White Ranger baby!

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