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Dungeons and Dragons Prepares for a New Story

Dungeons and Dragons Prepares for a New Story

Dungeons and Dragons has recently celebrated its 40th anniversary, but the game is always growing and advancing. With every new edition of the game, there are some changes made that affect gameplay, character creation, and more, and six years after the launch of 4th edition, we can expect a new one soon.

1390449228000-TiamatIt is unclear whether this will be 4.5 edition, 5.0, or just a continuation of the 4th edition, but there’s a new story for players to look forward to. “Tyranny of Dragons” will send players on a quest to battle hordes of dragons (because what would D&D be without dragons and dungeons?), leading up to a battle against Tiamat herself.


Those who aren’t into tabletop gaming may also be interested to learn there will be video game versions for console and mobile devices. However, it is hard to replicate the experience of having full control over the creation and aspects of your characters; howe6e7_dungeons_dragons they talk, what they like, what they look like, their back-stories, attitudes, and all those other details are determined by the players and the dice rolls.

How the rules will change, we do not yet know. It will likely continue in the same direction that 4e has gone (players who dislike the change from 3.5 to 4e have mainly jumped ship to Pathfinder at this point), but there are always ways to tinker with and improve the gameplay.

Those ready to take on a new story and new challenges can start pre-rolling the ones out of their d20’s now, because “Tyranny of Dragons” is on its way. We can look forward to more news on it as it comes.


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