Monday, November 28, 2022

International Mobile Gaming Awards Announce Their Nominees

The International Mobile Gaming Awards today announced their final nominations before the award show in San Francisco.  The nominations come after a marathon session of playing through and voting on over 1,000 different games in just two days.

“The IMGA has never in the 10 years of its existence received that many games and with such an amazing variety and quality. The jury has spent several days in deciding which games really stand out. I think we did a great job,” says Maarten Noyons, the IMGA’s founder.

For the 10th Anniversary edition of the awards, the judges picked ten different categories and each was stacked full of incredible games. The categories and their explanations are listed below:

Excellence in Art Design: the games whose animation or design was a cut above the rest.
Excellence in Sound Design: for the games where the music, sound effects, or voice acting made them as central to the game as the gameplay itself.
Excellence in Gameplay: the games whose core mechanics were the best of the bunch.
Excellence in Storytelling: the games whose stories pulled us in and never let go.
Excellence in Innovation: the games that have something truly unique with mobile technology, gameplay, or design.  The true out of the box thinkers.
Best Shared Experience in a Game: the games that made multiplayer not just easy but an integral part of the games.
Best Technical Achievement in a Game: the games that pushed mobile technology to the limits.
Best Serious Game: the games that made us forget we were learning something.
Best Quickplay Game: the best games to pick up when you only have a few minutes.
Best Upcoming Game: the games we’re most excited about for next year.

The all-star judging panel that included a great mix of press and industry experts will meet one final time in San Francisco. They will pick the winners of each category and decide the Game of the Year immediately before the awards ceremony. The ceremony itself will take place in San Francisco and will see the winners crowned and a fantastic after party.

Please check out for more information and the full list of awards as well as updates closer to the event.

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