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Ordinary Gamer Charity Bundle

Ordinary Gamer Charity Bundle

For its final, most festive of weeks, The Indie Ordinary Gamer Bundle is dropping its minimum price to $0.99 and unlocking a ton for extras for everyone who grabs it!

This means that $0.99 will be buying musical, pixel-arty arcade puzzler QbQbQb, traditional yet 3D shmup Saviors, two-buttons kung fu fighter One Finger Death Punch, horror game Slender: The Five Pages and point-and-click thriller Cognition: Episode 1.

What’s more, $0.99 will also get you 5 great soundtracks (from QbQbQb, Cognition, Hairy Tales, Rooks Keep and The Grave Digger), wallpapers and a selection of artwork.

As for the more generous gamers, well, beating the average will provide them with 6 more excellent and truly indie games:

-the trippy spawn of Lemmings and Chu Chu Rocket Hairy Tales
-smart shovel-‘em-up The Grave Digger
-impressive 3D melee fantasy game Rooks Keep
-the second installment to the dark Erica Reed saga Cognition Episode 2
-minimalist platformer Along Came A Spider
-3D action adventure Isaac The Adventurer

The bundle though is not just about games. It’s about giving, and that’s why 30% of its profits will be going to the important Able Gamers Foundation; a nonprofit public charity that aims to improve the overall quality of life for those with disabilities through the power of video games.

What’s more is $15 for every 100 bundles sold will be going to the Indie Dev Grant.

Visit http://www.bundle-in-a-box.com to make your purchase today.

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