Monday, November 28, 2022

Star Citizen – The future of MMORPG?

From Roberts Space Industries, a new cutting edge game that is sure to put all others to shame. “Star Citizen” from Chris Roberts, the creator of Wing Commander a iconic game for the gaming industry. He is finally getting to develop the game he always wanted since technology has finally caught up to his vision of the game he wanted to create after “Wing Commander”. Funded completely by users, RSI has raised a whopping $28.5 Million.

“Star Citizen” promises to offer a unparalleled level of immersion. Jump out of the cockpit of your fully customizable ship and explore planets, cites, engage in FPS board action to take over other ships, bases and orbital platforms. A fully simulated economy directly affected by the players and changes in the universe, If players aren’t mining for the production of missiles and ammunition for your state-of-the-art ship will stop!

No leveling system, instead of the classic level system RSI creates a experience based purely on skill with dozens of ships from single seat fighter to 2 km Carriers it promises to be a completely new experience and hopefully the game a lot of the gaming community has been waiting years for.

One of the many ship's from Star Citizen the aurora class
One of the many ship’s from Star Citizen the aurora class

Every ship in the game is subject to all the laws of physics. By default they will all be fly-by-wire system to control maneuvering thrusters and primary engines; when you pull back on the stick the game will calculate in real time how quickly the thrusters can react and apply that amount of thrust allowed by the weight of the ship. If you’re feeling like a ACE you can disable the fly-by-wire system for full control over your ship.


Want to know more? Check out RSI’s Site!

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Ryan Griffeth
Ryan Griffeth
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