Monday, November 28, 2022

Super Smash Bros. Slams us With Announcements

When Nintendo announced today’s “Nintendo Direct” would feature news about the upcoming “Super Smash Bros.” game, most people expected a new character announcement, and maybe another stage or so. What we ended up getting was all that and so much more.

For starters, we did get new characters, as well as the confirmation of some classics. Samus is back in her Zero Suit, which is available as a separate character, rather than a transformation Samus can go through. The same is true for Zelda and Shiek, freeing up a new down-B move for both. Yoshi also makes his return, as expected by many.


What is less expected, however, is the Pokemon-related news we got today. Charizard has broken free from the Pokemon Trainer, and has left Squirtle and Ivysaur behind to be a playable character of his own. Whether or not the others will join him is unknown, but a new Pokemon is joining as well: Greninja, the fully evolved form of the 6th gen starter Froakie, is a new playable character. Charizard and Lucario get Mega Evolutions, presumable for their Final Smash, and it looks like Greninja pulls some sleek ninja moves for his. (Still no word on Jigglypuff, but I’m hoping they keep my favorite Pokemon for yet another Smash Bros.)


For those not keeping count, this new Super Smash Bros is introducing the Wii Fit Trainer, Mega Man, the Animal Crossing Villager, Rosalina, Little Mac, and Greninja, while making Charizard, Sheik, and Zero Suit Samus distinct characters from their counterparts. That’s quite a lot to look forward to!


We’ve seen some new items as well, such as the Bombchus and Fairy Bottles from the Legend of Zelda games. New assists were revealed, mostly Pokemon like Keldeo and Fennekin, but also including Midna, Elecman, and even Chain-Chomp.

Competitive players have often claimed that the only stage worth competing on was Final Destination, a flat stage with no environmental obstacles. For those players, there’s a new mode where any stage and level is made the same, allowing them to compete in battles where their wins and losses are recorded and all battles are on an even ground. Of course, the regular stages are still available for more casual matches, as well as new stages such as Pokemon’s Lumiose City.

3DS players can also enjoy a 4-player mode called “Smash Run.” In it, they explore a dungeon and gather items before promptly turning on one another in a fight to the last man.

With all the news coming out, we’ve also been provided a ballpark release time. The 3DS version will be available this Summer, with the Wii-U version released in the Winter, most likely to coincide with the holiday season.


While there is still much that fans are eagerly awaiting news on, such as the return of characters like Snake and Jigglypuff, or if there will be a story mode like the last game’s, this is a lot of great news to digest. People are already getting hyped for Greninja, and looking forward to any more characters that will soon be announced.


You can find information on all the characters, as well as a video of the latest Nintendo Direct, on the Super Smash Bros. official website.

Robbie is a lifelong nerd and a familiar face in the Northern California convention-going community. In addition to writing convention reports, interviews, and nerdy news updates for G33k-HQ, he’s an ENnie Award-winning adventure writer, and a comic/TV show reviewer at Multiversity Comics.

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