Sunday, August 7, 2022

First ‘Dungeons & Dragons’ Book of 2021 to be Announced Soon!

New year! New book! We’ll be getting the first new Dungeons & Dragons book announcement of 2021 this month on January 12th.

At the moment there’s placeholder pages set up on both Amazon and Penguin Random House for the upcoming book which will reportedly be released on March 16, 2021. At the moment there is not much information on whether the book will be an adventure book, campaign setting, or a game supplement book.

What we do know according to the Penguin Random House listing is that it will be a hardcover and has been priced at $49.95.

Word has it that in 2021, there will be three campaign setting books set for release based on previously released settings from past editions and updated with the current Fifth Edition rules. Among those rumored settings have been Dragonlance, Dark Sun, Spelljammer, and Planescape.

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