Monday, November 28, 2022

A Chromebox for Under $200!

Asus has released their Chromebox with a price point of UNDER $200!

asus chrome box

It’s among the least-expensive desktop computers ever sold at $180 and certainly among the smallest. It’s a 1.7-inch-tall square slab, 4.9 inches on a side; the computer isn’t much bigger than its own power brick.  The Chromebox is the desktop version of Google’s Chromebook laptop concept, which means that it’s intended exclusively for doing things online.

What it Can’t Do: It runs the Flash plug-in, but it can’t run browser plug-ins like Java or Silverlight, which means that a few web-based games and video playback sites won’t work. If you hook up a webcam, you can conduct video chats using Google’s Hangouts feature, but you can’t use Skype.

What it Can Do: Check email, build spreadsheets, watch movies on Netflix, chat up friends on Facebook, share photos on Instagram, stream music on Pandora, surf the web and of course, you can use all of Google’s online products: Google Docs (for working with Microsoft Word and Excel documents), Gmail, Google Maps, Google Calendar, Google+ and so forth.  Click the pic for the full article over at Yahoo!

Evil genius and future ruler of this puny planet.

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