Monday, November 28, 2022

Amazon is Looking to Raise the Cost of Its Prime Service

The Amazon prime offers a bevey of services from streaming video to cheaper shipping options. But the cost of these benefits may be going up. During a conference call discussing their 4th quarter earnings. They mentioned that Amazon Prime could go up as much as $20 to $40. With it sitting at $79 dollars here in the US, it could end up costing $120. It is understandable that the current price that was established in 2005, when Amazon Prime was launched, isn’t going as far to cover licensing fees for streaming content and 2-day shipping costs. There is no date set for this increase to happen. Hopefully they will stay conservative with its price hike.

Source: Engadget, Techhive

Image Source: Amazon

James Siebrase
James Siebrase
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