Wednesday, December 7, 2022

Coin is the Answer to a Cluttered Wallet

coinCoin is an all in one credit card that the world has desperately been needing. It looks like a regular credit card but can replace all your credit cards, debit cards, rewards cards and gift cards. It can store 8 cards on the Coin and an unlimited amount inside the companion app. You can add a card buy plugging in the included card scanner into the headphone jack of your IPhone or Android device. Scan the card and take a few pictures. That’s all you need to do to immediately shrink your wallet size. If you want to change the card you want to use simple press the circular button and the LCD above it will start cycling through available card information stored within. The Coin has a 2 year battery life with normal use. It has a low power consumption Bluetooth receiver that can let you know through your phone when you have gone to far from your card. It is scheduled for launch this summer for  $100 but, they have a limited number of pre-orders for $50 dollars. I just hope the discount is still around when my tax return gets back.


Source: Coin

James Siebrase
James Siebrase
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