Home Tech SanDisk is making a 128GB MicroSD Card

SanDisk is making a 128GB MicroSD Card

SanDisk is making a 128GB MicroSD Card

With better camera phones and bigger apps taking more and more space SanDisk is fighting back. By doubling the current MicroSD capacity. With that size SanDisk is promoting you can record over 24hrs of video. That is staggering. I think most people will be hard pressed to fill this card up. With a expected price of $119.99 on Amazon (it is currently up for pre-order) it is roughly the same price of the standard SD cards of comparable size. Between this and the Dual USB they announced earlier storage options for phones is looking better than ever. I hope that this jump in capacity turns into a capacity jump in cellphones as well. Because I am going through the standard 8-16gb internal storage way too fast.


Source: Engadget



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