Monday, August 15, 2022

Sandisk Ultra Dual USB Drive is the One You Have Been Waiting For

With more and more Android phones being released without Micro SD slots, the space on your phone can run out very quickly. Sandisk has come to the rescue in USB form. On one end you have a micro USB port for your phone, and on the other the standard USB port for your computer. This USB drive comes in a 16GB, 32GB, and even a 64GB version. With its companion app you can store video, photos, music, and anything else you want. This design also makes transferring your files to and from your computer, or even another phone. easier than ever. Unfortunately it is only a USB 2.0 so you won’t have the blazing transfer speeds to your PC that you might be used to. These drives are available now at Best Buy for around $30 for the 16GB. While it is more expensive for the size than other USB drives available, the extra benefit of a USB you can use with your phone is more than worth it.


Source: PCWorld

Image Source: Sandisk


James Siebrase
James Siebrase
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