Monday, November 28, 2022

Leap Motion Controller Review

The Leap Motion Controller is being talked up a lot lately as the next step in how we interact with our computers. Sadly that isn’t quite the case. The problems for me started with the software. It isn’t built in so windows plug and play software can recognize it. You have to go to a special site they have set up just for their software download. After I downloaded the software it wouldn’t run. Turns out, after a phone call the company help center, that for reasons they couldn’t explain the file would not download correctly with internet explorer. So using chrome I downloaded it installed it and it didn’t register my device. After yet another call to tech support for reasons they again couldn’t explain the leap motion controller will not work on the Surface tab. Long story short and TWO laptops later I finally had it running correctly. The Orientation demo that comes with it is a nice way to see the device tracking all of your fingers individually. Airspace is the Leap Motion app store with all the programs that support the controller. Cut the Rope and Fruit Ninja work great. The one I was looking forward to trying the most was Touchless for Windows. It is the app that allows you to use the leap motion in place of your mouse. I was very disappointed. It only allows single and double-click. That’s it. No right-click. No multi touch. That’s not to say that what it does it doesn’t do well. There is a bit of a learning curve but after that it is fluid and very fun. But my main problem is with the company. It delayed the release of the Leap Motion for over a year and have this many glitches does not speak well of the company. The Touchless app is in its infancy as well as the rest of the controller. The next step in controlling our computers this isn’t. But is definitely a good try.

James Siebrase
James Siebrase
I am a Tech junkie and gaming fanatic. I am always looking for new and increasingly geeky things to discover and explore. I love sharing my passions with everyone I meet.

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