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Robocop Trailer

Robocop Trailer

With Robocop getting his reboot, it’s time see look at it and see how it will be. And I have got to say, it is looking pretty hype. Unlike Total Recall, which was thankfully recalled, this seems to be trying to put a fresh of breath air on something old. It sticks by the main ideas of the character while making the story a bit different.

Then again, I only was able to see a two minute trailer. I think, though, that Robocop might be something to be looking out for. Re-imagining the world, and putting a man in a robot suit, seems to have gotten the humanity it needed. And the man has obtained the perfection of machinery. The cast seems to be quite strong with the likes of Samuel L. Jackson and Gary Oldman.  It is quite a strong showing.

Only time will tell, so we will see soon.


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