Wednesday, December 7, 2022

Some PlayStation 4 Features Disabled for European and Austrailian PlayStation 4 launch

PSNEUDue to the amount of new users that signed up for PlayStation Network accounts when the PlayStation 4 launched in the USA, a couple of features were disabled for the launch in the next two territories. Those of us who got a PlayStation 4, Day one you experienced the lag and wait of the initial boot up. It hurt an otherwise great day. After waiting in line at your local retailer for midnight to come, if you have no life like myself, or you picked your pre-ordered system the next day there was small issues with PSN most of that weekend. Sony has since gotten things straightened out and is moving to the offensive for its next launch day. It is disabling the What’s New feature, this is supposed to tell you what is new in the PlayStation store and what is new with your friends. Along with what games they are playing or have been playing recently, recent friends added, and what trophies everyone have gotten. The other feature that got disabled is the Content Information Screen. Which functions much the same as the What’s New feature but categorized under each game you have installed and is specific to each game. They have said these features will return once the initial rush of new accounts calms down. Luckily, it is only minor features that are getting affected.



James Siebrase
James Siebrase
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