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Brandon Sanderson’s ‘Stormlight Archive’ Gets a TTRPG

Brandon Sanderson’s ‘Stormlight Archive’ Gets a TTRPG

It looks like author Brandon Sanderson‘s popular ‘The Stormlight Archive’ is going to be getting a tabletop roleplaying adaptation from Brotherwise Games.

GMs and players will soon be able to explore the lands depicted in Sanderson’s novels like ‘The Way of Kings’ to ‘Rhythm of War’.

The big announcement was made during a livestream about Sanderson and Brotherwise Games’ upcoming line of miniatures (which is being funded at the moment with a Kickstarter). Which is being referred to at the moment as ‘Stormlight Role-Playing Game’.

At the moment, there’s no word about what mechanics or rule set the TTRPG be using. It could be anything from the current D&D 5e system to something entirely new. But what we do know is (at least at the moment), it will not be using the same system of the ‘Mistborn’ game from Crafty Games.

Johnny O’Neal the President of Brotherwise Games had the following to say;
“We’ve been in discussion with some big names and also some great new voices in the RPG space.”

Word has it that we should be expecting more news on the project and even a Kickstarter sometime in 2023, along with a 2024 release window.


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