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Details on D&D’s Upcoming ‘Dragonlance: Shadow of the Dragon Queen’

Quite a big future for ‘Dungeons & Dragons’ on the horizon and we got a sneak peek of it earlier today. One of the bigger reveals was the upcoming Dragonlance setting for the tabletop roleplaying game and we got some further details on that.

Gamers will finally be able to officially adventure in the world of Kyrnn in D&D 5e with the release of ‘Dragonlance: Shadow of the Dragon Queen’. This upcoming campaign module will take place in the early days of the War of the Lance as the Dragon Queen Takhisis aka Tiamat are marching against the Knights of Solamnia.

Key enemies in this campaign includes the Priest of Takhisis Kansaldi Fire-Eyes and her Red Dragon, as well as the iconic Death Knight known as Lord Soth who will be taking to the skies on the back of a Death Dragon (a new type of undead dragon). There’s also going to be Draconians!

The book will also detail the different groups, organizations, races, and subclasses that can be found in the world of Dragonlance, such as the Kender, new Lunar Sorcerer subclass, backgrounds for the Knights of Solamnia, and the Mages of High Sorcery. It will also include a nifty poster map of the continent of Ansalon (who doesn’t love a good map).

Alongside the book, there’s going to be a cooperative board game called ‘Dragonlance: Warriors of Krynn’ from designers Rob Daviau and Stephen Baker, which can be used with the book to simulate large scale battles.

D&D senior game designer Wes Schneider;

“We’re not beholden to the original Dragonlance adventures. We’re not beholden to the novels. All of the heroes we know and love are out there doing their thing, but it’s a big world and there’s a huge world-spanning war going on. Let’s tell these other stories. Let’s really put you and your characters at the center of these tales and see what roles they have in turning the tide of this larger conflict.”

‘Dragonlance: Shadow of the Dragon Queen’ will released physically on December 6th (standard edition cover and alternate cover). There will be a digital early release on November 22nd which you can get through D&D Beyond by purchasing the physical release. The physical and digital release is priced at $59.94 with a standard cover. There will also be a special Deluxe Bundle that includes both ‘Dragonlance: Shadow of the Dragon Queen’ and the board game ‘Dragonlance: Warriors of Krynn’ that comes with a special edition cover for $154.98.

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