Friday, August 12, 2022

Magic: The Gathering Adventures in The Forgotten Realms Gift Bundle

You got your Magic: The Gathering in my Dungeons & Dragons! Well, you got your Dungeons & Dragons in my Magic: The Gathering!

It’s two heavy hitter hobbies clashing together in another mash up of the ages! We’ve seen that Magic: The Gathering has made it’s way into the D&D game before with source books like the ‘Guildmaster’s Guide to Ravnica’ and ‘Mythic Odysseys of Theros’ but now you can summon and play D&D elements in your M:tG games!

Jump in on the action with the upcoming Magic: The Gathering Adventures in the Forgotten Realms Gift Bundle that includes 10 Adventures in the Forgotten Realms Draft Boosters, 1 Adventures in the Forgotten Realms Collector Booster full of foils (total of 10 traditional foil cards), special card treatments (4–5 Showcase or Borderless cards, 2–3 Extended-Art cards), and 5 Rare and/or Mythic Rare cards. There’s also 3 oversized dungeon cards based on actual dungeons from the D&D game (Tomb of Annihilation, Dungeon of the Mad Mage, and Lost Mine of Phandelver), 40 basic lands (20 traditional foils and 20 nonfoils), 1 traditional foil alt-art promo card—Treasure Chest, 1 oversized Gift Edition d20, 1 special foil card storage box, and 2 reference cards.

That’s certainly a lot of goodies for both Magic: The Gathering and Dungeons & Dragons fans! But that’s not all! If you want an upgrade, you can get more stuff with the ‘Dungeons & Dragons Gift Set that includes reflective covers on the three core rulebooks, a DM screen, and a slipcase.

Or you can even dip your toe in the pool by bundling the set with the D&D Essentials Kit for $65. You can’t go wrong there!

Grab the Magic: The Gathering Adventures in The Forgotten Realms Gift Bundle via Amazon now for $49.99 with a release date set for August 6th.


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