Friday, August 12, 2022

New ‘Vampire: The Masquerade’ Comic Book Series Announced

Like cats and dogs, vampires and werewolves in the World of Darkness have always been at odds with one another. This Fall the blood feud continues in Vault Comics‘ upcoming ‘Vampire: The Masquerade’ comic book event series.

Entitled ‘World of Darkness: Crimson Thaw’, the series is helmed by writers Jim Zub, Tim Seeley, Blake Howard, Tini Howard, and Danny Lore. Along with artist Julius Ohta, colorist Addison Duke, letterer Deron Bennett, designer Tim Daniel, and featuring covers by Aaron Campbell and Joshua Hixson.

It tells the story of the vampire Cecily Bain who has become the new Prince of the Twin Cities (Minnesota) and has found her rule over a fractured court in danger by the local werewolves led by Tyrell ‘the Stainless’ Stinar. It’s an all out war after vampires under Cecily’s rule made their move on the wolves’ sacred territories. There will be blood and there will be rage.

Also included in the series will be exclusive gaming material for ‘Vampire: The Masquerade’ 5th Edition from Renegade Game Studios that will allow gamers to use the events of the series in their own games. We also hear that there might be material relating to the upcoming ‘Werewolf: The Apocalypse’ game as well.

“The World of Darkness has ignited my imagination for a long time and working with our incredible team to write this Kindred-Garou throwdown brought all those feelings back in such a wild way,” Jim Zub said. “Crimson Thaw is big, bloody and oh so memorable, and I can’t wait for readers to see what we have in store.”

“The best part of working on Vampire: The Masquerade has been collaborating with all the other creators and editors, almost like playing the greatest monthly RPG session ever,” Tim Seeley said. “Adding my old friend Jim Zub, awesome new talent Danny Lore, and a ton of werewolves just makes the game that much more engrossing, scary, and fun.”

The first issue of ‘World of Darkness: Crimson Thaw’ is set to drop in September from Vault Comics.

[Source: Comic Book Resources]

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