Wednesday, December 7, 2022

Paizo Announces Upcoming Pathfinder 2e Book ‘Rage of Elements’

Some hot news came out of GenCon 2022, just the other day! Paizo has announced a new upcoming Pathfinder 2e rulebook entitled ‘Rage of Elements’ set for 2023.

This new sourcebook will feature the elemental planes of fire, water, earth, wind, metal, and wood. And in addition, there will also be a new player class that will be available for play called the Kineticist.

This is exciting news as the Kineticist was also featured in the previous edition of the game and had the ability to utilize and manipulate the aforementioned elemental magic.

During the panel, it was also revealed that fans will be seeing the return of the iconic character Yoon who represented the class in the world of Golarion (the official world that Pathfinder is set in), who has grown up into to a teenager (the character was a child in Pathfinder 1e).

Keep an eye on the Paizo website next week to check out the public playtest of the Kineticist. ‘Rage of Elements’ is scheduled for release in August of 2023.

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