Friday, June 24, 2022

“The Future of D&D” & New Core Books in 2024!

Lots of big announcements were made during the D&D Celebration 2021 event this weekend. The tabletop roleplaying game has pretty much taken the world by storm the past few years and there looks to be no stopping the hobby of tossing dice and slaying monsters.

Here’s a quick run down of some of the things revealed…

  • Next year two major classic D&D settings are set to drop and in formats never seen before.
  • Two brand new D&D settings are in early development.
  • A return to a previous setting (not related to Magic: The Gathering).
  • New products formats.
  • More adventure anthologies.
  • New book release titled ‘Mordenkainen Presents Monsters of the Multiverse’ that will include creature related material from previous products compiled into one book and updated with over 250 monsters and 30 playable races.
  • A new Rules Expansion Gift Set will be released in January (1/25/22) that includes ‘Tasha’s Cauldron of Everything’, ‘Xanathar’s Guide to Everything’, and ‘Mordenkainen Presents Monsters of the Multiverse’. Along with an alternate cover version.

But what’s one of the BIGGEST news that dropped would have to be the confirmation that new versions of the Core Rule books are in development which will be released sometime in 2024.

Granted it’s still a couple of years out but it makes sense since 2024 will mark the 50th anniversary of ‘Dungeons & Dragons’. Now will this be a whole new 6th edition? Or perhaps a 5.5 edition? That hasn’t been revealed.

Now personally I feel that this will lean more towards D&D 5.5e as Ray Winninger the Executive Producer in charge of the Wizards of the Coast ‘Dungeons & Dragons’ Studio used the language “new evolution” and “new version”, but didn’t say “new edition”. That and also they confirmed that the new Core Books will be backwards compatible with 5e.

Plus, Fifth Edition has been doing VERY well for D&D and it’ll likely stick around for a bit longer.

So what do you think? Anything caught your eye? Or what are you hoping to see get updated in the new Core Books? Sound off and let us know!

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