Wednesday, July 28, 2021

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Warriors May Get the Glory, But Cartographers Get the Power

In Divinus you take on the role of a demi-god who finds themselves in the middle of a conflict between the Norse, and Greek gods. This is a conflict that will play out over the course of 12 scenarios, with points and story, tracked and revealed respectively by the app. As you play through the scenarios you will be given new mechanics that will drastically change the way each game is played, until the end when you are left with a unique copy of the game that can then be used for one off games.


You Know Whaaa

Get the ‘Avatar Legends RPG Quickstart’ NOW!!!

Are you a bender of the elemental forces of Air, Water, Earth, or Fire? Or perhaps you're on a quest to master the powers...


Star Trek: Prodigy Teaser Trailer

Who is looking forward to Paramount+'s Star Trek: Prodigy> Check out the new teaser trailer and let us know what you think in the...



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