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Creative Beast Studio Launches First Sci-Fi IP Cyberzoic With Kickstarter Campaign

The folks over at Creative Beast Studio have Launched their first Sci-Fi IP Cyberzoic over on Kickstarter! They have already exceeded their initial goal and working on some amazing stretch goals! There is still plenty of time, and some great reward tiers to join in, so be sure to head over to Kickstarter and check it out!

Cyberzoic Storyline

2170 AD. AI and synthetic ecosystems have solved the problems of overpopulation and hunger. Humanity has now turned its entire focus to exploring the cosmos. Soon manned space flights discover an Earth-like planet capable of sustaining life, which they name Gaea 2. The planet is home to a variety of alien wildlife —including highly-intelligent ‘dragons. As humanity studies and colonizes the planet, the dragons fight back, pushing these peaceful visitors to the brink of extinction.

But all is not well on Earth either. One day, all communication with Gaea 2 stops. There are no more supply shipments and contact with their home planet is completely lost. Soon, the people of Earth are presumed dead except for Gaea 2’s scientific and military residents. But the humans won’t go down so easily. Using the research technology they brought with them, they create biological weapons of their own: genetically engineered embryos that “birth” Earth’s mightiest prehistoric creatures. Programmed to obey their masters and outfitted in protective armor, these terrifying beasts help the humans push back against the dragon attacks while they terraform Gaea 2. Thus saving the human species, but destroying the world’s natural habitats.

With the threat of human extinction seemingly resolved, the colonizers split into factions. Each clan champions its own philosophy about ensuring the long-term survival of humanity. Bitter conflicts erupt, leading to power struggles, uneasy alliances, and devastating familial breakups.

Who will win the war for Gaea 2? Or will humanity eradicate itself?

Cyberzoic, like Beasts of the Mesozoic, is primarily a line of 1/18th scale prehistoric wildlife action figures featuring a high level of detail and articulation, with designs inspired by our natural world. But Cyberzoic takes the animals to the next level, adding converting armor sets, modular armor weapons, human rider characters, and natural history-inspired Dragons! In addition, several of the armor units are backward compatible with Beasts of the Mesozoic figures of similar size and type. So the Cyberzoic collection isn’t limited to these new offerings- you may have already started one!


See more sets and learn more at the Kickstarter Campaign here!

Creator David Silva, who has worked on toy lines such as Star Wars, Jurassic Park, Godzilla, Spiderman, G.I. Joe, Terminator 2, Aliens, Predator, Spawn, and Pacific Rim, said:

“I’ve been so inspired by sci-fi and adventure stories since I was a kid. I also loved natural history growing up, but the entertainment properties that catered to this passion never fully achieved the artistic potential of their premises, often compromising the wonder and beauty that true natural history has to offer in favor of more familiar trends and tropes. To finally put my own spin on a concept that brings together people, dinosaurs, and dragons is a dream come true….I’ve had the foundation of Cyberzoic kicking around in my head for three decades. After the success of the ‘Beasts of the Mesozoic’ brand, it was time to develop a story on the opposite end of that timeline, bringing the dinosaurs into the science fiction genre and making Cyberzoic a reality. My goal is not only to present ideas and concepts that people have never seen together before, but also explore our connection with other forms of life, both familiar and alien.”

Learn more and back this wonderful fun Kickstarter Here!

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