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Pokemon Day 2024 Announcements: New Legends, Mobile Games, and More

February 27th marks Pokemon Day, the anniversary of the first release of Pokemon Red and Green in Japan. As such, it’s traditional for The Pokemon Company (TPC) to celebrate with a “Pokemon Presents” video, announcing the latest upcoming Pokemon games. Today proved no exception, as it was filled with announcements, including a new “Pokemon Legends” game, the TCG making a new mobile game debut, and celebrations throughout the game series.

Pokemon Legends: Z-A

When “Pokemon X and Y” versions were released, it was a common assumption that its inevitable third game would be “Pokemon Z.” However, that game never came to be… until now.

Following up on the success of “Pokemon Legends: Arceus,” The Pokemon Company announced the release of “Pokemon Legends: Z-A.” This game is set in the Kalos region (from the 6th generation games), with a trailer showcasing the development of Lumiose City. While details are scarce, the Mega Evolution symbol appearing at the end of the trailer indicates that the popular battle mechanic will be returning, while the title and color pattern on the Z indicate that the legendary Pokemon Zygarde will play a role.

“Pokemon Legends: Z-A” will be released worldwide in 2025.

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Pokemon Trading Card Game Pocket

The Pokemon Trading Card Game (TCG) has been a major part of the franchise since its early days. While the game does see online play, it’s now getting a new mobile release with “Pokemon Trading Card Game Pocket.”

This new mobile game allows players to open packs, collect and trade cards, and play against their friends remotely. It also features immersive art for many of the cards, giving players a closer look at the artwork. The video announced that players will get two free packs per day (although it’s a safe assumption that players can buy more via microtransactions).

“Pokemon Trading Card Game Pocket” releases later this year.

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And More

While those two games were the biggest announcements, they weren’t the only ones. Other Pokemon Day announcements include:

  • New Tera Raid events in “Pokemon Scarlet and Violet,” featuring Venusaur, Blastoise, and Charizard
  • A “Pokemon Horizons” tie-in event in “Pokemon Go,” featuring the debut of Charcadet, Armarouge, and Ceruledge, as well as a Pikachu with a captain’s hat (based on Cap, the Pikachu from “Pokemon Horizons”)
  • Raikou, Entei, and Suicune make their “Pokemon Sleep” debut
  • Miraidon, Falinks, and Ceruledge will be added to “Pokemon Unite,” and players can get a three-day license for Miraidon with the code POKEDAY24

With all these announcements, Pokemon players will have plenty to look forward to, whether they enjoy the video games on the Nintendo Switch, mobile games, or card games. You can catch the whole presentation below and see what Pokemon has in store:

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