Tuesday, July 16, 2024

Lexihunt New Word Game

Do you like Wordle? How about Scrabble? Now throw in a little bit of inductive reasoning and you get the new game, Lexihunt! The game is in Alpha testing right now so expect some bugs/glitches, but is very promising!

In Lexihunt, the goal is to make a word worth a specific number of points, yes there is more than one answer for each game. The trick is, you don’t know how much each letter is worth. In each game, you get a few guesses to try and figure out a word that will win, with each guess giving you a clue.

Game Information:

The game was/is designed by the tabletop game designer Chris Backe, and the programming is being done by his wife, who is learning to code. Together they are making a wonderful new word game we are sure will be a hit!

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