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Corgi Con 2023 Lets Dog Lovers Geek Out

A few years ago, a large group of corgi owners and aficionados gathered at a beach in San Francisco for a day dedicated to their dogs. The event quickly grew in size and popularity, until Corgi Con became an official convention, held in the Alameda County Fairgrounds.

Throughout the day, over 5,000 dog owners and their pets gathered. Naturally, Corgi Con was all about corgis, but all dogs were welcome, so there were plenty of dogs of all sizes at play. However, the main events were corgi-focused, including corgi racing and a costume contest.

Of course we can’t report on a convention without mentioning the cosplayers, and there were dogs in all sorts of clever and adorable costumes. There were hand-crafted costumes, store-bought suits, and even some clever props for the contest, and suffice to say, all of them were adorable.

While the use of the Fairgrounds made it a ticketed event, the Corgi Con organizers put the venue to good use. There were watering stations for dogs to hydrate and play in pools, food trucks for attendees to grab a bite, and even photo booths for pet photography. The grassy fields of the fairground also gave dogs plenty of space to run, and attendees some shady spots to sit down and relax.

Naturally, a convention means vendors aplenty as well. Attendees could get a new squeaky toy for their furry friends or a corgi plushie for themselves, buy dog treats, learn about dog-focused nonprofit organizations, or get a new t-shirt. There was even an Instagram famous corgi or two in attendance, so yes, even Corgi Con has celebrity guests.

Over the years, Corgi Con has grown in scale to the point where the move to the Fairgrounds was a necessity, but it is truly a proper convention now (give or take people waiting in line for panels). Overall, it made for a fun day filled with happy dogs, which is all any corgi lovers could have asked for.

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