Thursday, May 30, 2024

Fallout Series To Land in 2024

Amazon just dropped a new teaser showing the series’ location and expected airing time.

Gamescom attendees got a peak at a video teaser this year, and has been described as:

The footage includes people traversing a hostile wasteland desert, as well as a woman emerging from one of the game’s trademark Vaults. The video also shows glimpses of characters wearing the iconic power armor, a ghoul character wearing a duster, and a quick look at a Vertibird. Finally, there is a short clip of a nuclear explosion, with a nearby city resembling Los Angeles directly in its path.

In the short trailer there were glimpses of the Brotherhood of Steel ominously marching across a dusty desert reminiscent of more urban version of Dune’s Arrakis setting, their iconic Vertibird vehicles, a vault opening as a woman shielded her eyes from the sun, multiple nuclear explosions taking place in what looks like a present-day setting, and a shot of who we presume is Walter Goggins’ ghoul character who bore more than a passing resemblance for Fallout 4’s John Hancock.

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