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September’s Nintendo Direct Announces New Mario Games, Remakes, and More

The September Nintendo Direct has come and gone, and with it came plenty of news and announcements from Nintendo about upcoming games and exciting developments. While there was no shortage of news for gamers of all tastes, let’s look at the highlights and biggest announcements:

Splatoon 3: Side Order

As the Splatoon series has been going strong with the third game in its series, Nintendo’s first announcement was a new expansion pack for the game. This adds a new storyline, featuring unusually monochrome rooms and mechanical fishy foes in a strange spire. Players unlock new abilities and paint colors as they ascend and traverse the story, uncovering the spire’s mysteries as they go.

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The new “Splatoon 3” expansion will be available Spring 2024.

Mario Games Aplenty

As the mascot of Nintendo, Mario tends to get more than a few games each year, and this Nintendo Direct proved no exception.

Mario faces off against his old rival Donkey Kong again in the aptly-named “Mario vs Donkey Kong,” a puzzle-based platformer game where Mario collects toys and faces off against Donkey Kong. This new version of the classic game also includes local co-op. “Mario vs Donkey Kong” will be available February 16, 2024, with pre-orders available now.

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Additionally, “Super Mario RPG” makes its long-awaited return, complete with updated graphics and new gameplay features. Action commands return, adding timing-based attacks to the combat, along with a special “Triple Move” based on party setups. “Super Mario RPG” launches November 17, 2023.

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On a similar note, “Paper Mario” is heading to the Switch, with new HD graphics. This classic RPG has been long-requested by fans, and will be available some time in 2024.

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Princess Peach takes the stage in “Princess Peach: Showtime,” a new game where Peach fights off foes called the Sour Bunch, taking on new roles as the story and stage change genres. This includes adventures in a theater gone mad, a detective story, a cooking game, and even a martial arts level. Peach gets new power-ups from a new ally named Stella and her magic ribbon, including transformations into forms like Swordfighter Peach and Detective Peach. The game will be available March 22, 2024, with online pre-orders available now.

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Luigi isn’t left out either, with “Luigi’s Mansion: Dark Moon” getting a Switch remake as “Luigi’s Mansion 2 HD.” The game will feature co-op play for up to four players, and will be available in the summer of 2024.

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And of course, Wario is also back with a new WarioWare game. “WarioWare: Move It!” features over 200 microgames, and will be available November 3rd.

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Finally, “Mario Kart 8 Deluxe” gets another round of DLC, featuring new courses, as well as Diddy Long, Funky Kong, Paulina, and Peachette as playable racers.

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Prince of Persia: The Lost Crown

The “Prince of Persia” series makes its return to the Nintendo Switch with “The Lost Crown,” a 2D, side-scroller action game. Sargon, the protagonist of the game, must rescue the eponymous prince of Persia, using time-based powers and an array of weaponry.

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“Prince of Persia: The Lost Crown” releases January 18th.

Tomb Raider Remastered

The first three “Tomb Raider” games are coming to the Switch, with a collection featuring remastered versions of the iconic Lara Croft adventures. The remastered trilogy includes all of the expansions for the games, as well as secret levels for each one. Players wanting a little more nostalgia can toggle between the classic polygonal look or the remastered graphics.

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“Tomb Raider Remastered” will be available February 14, 2024, and can be pre-ordered today.

And More

While those were the biggest announcements, there was no shortage of other new games too. These include:

Horizon Chase 2, an arcade racing game with dynamic environments, upgradable vehicles, and campaign or multiplayer modes (co-op and online).

Super Crazy Rhythm Castle, a rhythm-based puzzle game featuring music from iconic Konami games and co-op mode.

– The popular anime series “Spy x Family” comes to the Switch with “SpyxAnya: Operation Memories,” a game focused on the psychic child Anya as she spends time at school and with her family (consisting of a super spy and an assassin, neither of whom are aware of the others’ identity, and a dog that can see the future) and creates a photo diary.

– “Trace Memory” returns to the Nintendo Switch with “Another Code: Two Memories.” This puzzle RPG has players take the role of a young girl searching for her father on a mysterious island, encountering a strange phantasmal boy along the way. The Switch release also includes the sequel, “Another Code Recollection,” which was never released in the US, bringing additional value to the story. The game will be available January 19th, 2024.

– “SaGa Emerald Beyond,” a new SaGa RPG from Square Enix featuring five unique heroes, each with their own journeys through interconnected stories and diverging paths based on the player’s choices. The game releases in 2024.

– While the return of “Detective Pikachu” was announced previously, this Nintendo Direct gave us a closer look at the game, its interview and investigation mechanics, and how other Pokemon can help Pikachu’s investigations. The game launches October 6, 2023.

– “Trombone Champ,” the trombone-based rhythm game, makes its Nintendo Switch debut. It can be controlled using either the joystick or motion controls via the Joy Con’s IR motion camera, and up to four players can join in via local multiplayer. The game is available starting today.

– “F-Zero” makes an unexpected return in a 99-player online battle royale. “F-Zero 99” will feature massive, futuristic races with players from across the internet competing for the top spot, featuring classic races and vehicles, where players are eliminated from the game should their power meter run out. The game is available to Nintendo Switch Online subscribers today.

– “Unicorn Overlord,” a fantasy tactical adventure from Atlus and Vanillaware. The game promises an innovative battle system blended with overworld exploration, and will be available in March of 2024.

– “Contra” returns with a reimagined game for the Nintendo Switch: “Contra: Operation Galuga.” Whether or not the classic Konami Code will still work remains to be seen, but we can find out in early 2024.

The announcements didn’t stop there, with plenty of new games previewed for the coming months. Check out the full Nintendo Direct presentation below, and let us know what you’re looking forward to most:

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