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Pokemon Presents Reveals New Paradox Forms, DLC Info, and More

The latest Pokemon Presents has ended, revealing new information for the franchise. This includes new Pokemon, updated information on the upcoming DLC, and a look at the upcoming Detective Pikachu sequel game. So without further ado, let’s break down the news…

Detective Pikachu Returns

The sequel to the Detective Pikachu game was first announced during the recent Nintendo Direct. Now, we’re given more information about the upcoming Detective Pikachu Returns. This includes a look at all the central characters, the investigation mechanics, and how certain Pokemon can assist in the investigations:

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The game will be released October 6th on the Nintendo Switch.

Pokemon Go Fest & Paldea

Pokemon Go Fest 2023 is approaching! While London and Osaka have already held their special Go Fest events, with New York quickly approaching, the Pokemon Presents reminded us that the global Go Fest will run from August 26th to 27th.

The mythical Pokemon Diancie will make its Pokemon Go debut, along with its Mega Evolution. Mega Rayquaza will also make its debut, allowing players to participate in Raid Battles to earn Mega Candy. (However, given that Pokemon Go recently doubled the price of Remote Raid Passes and limited the number of Remote Raids players can do per day, players may find it more difficult to join in raids should they have difficulty getting to raid locations or live in an area where there aren’t many players, an issue fans have raised with the hashtag #HearUsNiantic and Niantic has thus far refused to budge on.)

On top of that Pokemon from the Paldea region, where the Scarlet and Violet games are set, will be appearing in the game starting in September. With this, every region from the main series of Pokemon games will be represented in the game, although not all of them will be made available at once (more Pokemon will continue to be made available over time). The full details of which Pokemon will be appearing first have not been revealed, but you can see the trailer below:

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Pokemon Unite Turns 2

Pokemon Unite is celebrating its 2nd anniversary with several new announcements:

  • Mewtwo’s debut as a playable Pokemon, including a Mega Evolution to Mega Mewtwo X and Y. Players can obtain a Unite License for Mega Mewtwo X via an event available now, and Mega Mewtwo Y in August 17th.
  • A new type of battle called Panic Parade, where teams need to protect Tinkaton from attacking wild Pokemon.
  • The Pokemon World Championships 2023 Prediction Event, where players can attempt to predict the winning teams to win new in-game fashion items.
  • An anniversary Prize Machine event, allowing players to use the Prize Machine for up to 100 times at no cost.

Players can also receive 3-day limited licenses for Mew and Mewtwo, as well as boost emblems for both, with the gift code 2NDANNIVERSARY.

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Pokemon Masters EX

Pokemon Masters EX is getting a new character for its fourth anniversary, with the addition of Nemona and Pawmot from Pokemon Scarlet and Violet. This also adds a new role to the game: Sprint Role, which focuses on speed. The new event introducing her has begun now. Players can also receive new log-in bonuses and join event battles against Nemona starting August 9th:

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On August 16th, the game will also add a new synch pair of Victor (from Pokemon Sword and Shield) and Spectrier, with the new Field Role effect.

Pokemon Masters EX players can also receive 3,000 gems by logging in now.

Pokemon on the Switch Virtual Console

The classic Game Boy Color game for the Pokemon Trading Card Game is coming to the Nintendo Switch. While the game has been re-released before on the Nintendo 3DS eShop, the eShop’s closure meant it was out of reach for many players. Now, it’s available on Nintendo Switch Online.

On top of that, Pokemon Stadium 2 is also coming to the Nintendo Switch Online. This Nintendo 64 game includes Pokemon from the Gold and Silver games, as well as several mini-games for up to four players, featuring the 2nd generation Pokemon.

Like the last Pokemon Stadium release on the Nintendo Switch Online, players will not be able to import Pokemon from their games (including games purchased on the eShop or Heart Gold and Soul Silver), but they can still battle using rental teams from the game. It’s available now for users who purchased the Nintendo 64 expansion pack.

New Pokemon Anime

The Pokemon Presents included snippets and introductions for new animated specials and the latest Pokemon anime:

  • For trading card game players, there’s a new mini-series called “Path to the Peak,” featuring characters competing in the Pokemon TCG.
  • A new look at the upcoming “Pokemon Horizons” anime, which follows new protagonists Liko and Roy as they explore the Pokemon world and seek out answers to mysterious items they hold.
  • “Pokemon: Paldean Winds,” an original animated web series, following several students in the Paldea region’s academy. The anime will be available online on September 6th:
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Pokemon Scarlet and Violet

The Pokemon Scarlet and Violet games are getting their DLC update soon, and The Pokemon Company has plenty of news to share.

First, Mewtwo and Mew are making their Scarlet and Violet debut. Mewtwo will be available in a 7-star Tera Raid battle starting September 1st. Players can work together to challenge Mewtwo and attempt to capture it. In preparation, Pokemon Scarlet and Violet will also include extra Tera Raid Battle events from tomorrow until Mewtwo’s arrival.

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On top of that, players can get Mew for free, right now, using the Mystery Gift code GETY0URMEW. Each Mew will have a randomized Tera Type, nature, and moveset, although the password can only be used once, so once you get it, that’s the Tera Type you’ve got (unless you use an item to change it). The event will run until September 18th.

There will also be new Mass Outbreak events, wherein certain Pokemon will appear in much greater numbers across Paldea than usual. The first Mass Outbreak event will be a Clefairy event, starting on September 28th.

Finally, The Pokemon Company revealed new information about the upcoming DLC, including a brand-new trailer showing off new characters, Pokemon, and scenes from the game:

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In addition to the previously-announced story, “The Teal Mask” DLC also introduces new mini-games, including a photography game, and the “Ogre Oustin’” mini-game where players run down balloons shaped like the Pokemon Ogerpon. Players can win mochi, which can be used to boost or reset effort values for their Pokemon’s stats.

We also got new information about “The Indigo Disk,” including Blueberry Academy’s Elite Four, and new battle styles (including the return of Double Battles).

“The Teal Mask” will be released September 1, 2023, with “The Indigo Disk” following this Winter.

New Pokemon

Along with the DLC comes several new Pokemon, including new evolutions and paradox versions of existing Pokemon:

Dipplin, a new candy apple-themed evolution of Applin:

Arcahludon, a bridge-shaped evolution of the steel/dragon-type Duraludon:

Two new Paradox Pokemon: Raging Bolt, a prehistoric take on Raikou which resembles a long-necked dinosaur, and Iron Crown, a mechanical version of Cobalion. More information on these Pokemon is not yet available.

You can catch the entire Pokemon Presents below:

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What new games, updates, and Pokemon are you looking forward to? Let us know in the comments below and keep an eye out for more exciting news on G33k-HQ!

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